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I remember as a kids sneaking into the corner fence of the rose bowl every year … what fun that was!!

Things have become so regimen that no one gets these experiences any more, the firest in the 55 gal drums the bbq’s the tents to save that spot on the parade route before the game.

Swedish pancakes at Aunt Flo’s .. home made chicken noodle bake .. and don’t forget the popsicles in Uncle Roys garage.  His haven from Aunt Flo, she was a little awnry .. OK a lot LOL

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL … may your balls be blessed always

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Feel Good Story From Momma Gayle

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Just like I love making my callers feel good sexualy, I hope this just makes you feel good in general.


Though Western Oregon senior Sara Tucholsky often dreamt of what it would be like

to hit her first home run, she never imagined it would end with the opposing team

carrying her around the bases. In fact, her home run almost didn’t become a reality,

except for the sportsmanship of Central Washington players Mallory Holtman and Liz


Sara’s home run came in the second inning of the second game of a double header

between the two teams. At stake that weekend was a bid to the NCAA’s Division II

playoffs. Central Washington needed to win the second game to keep its postseason

dreams alive.

When Sara hit the home run, there was a girl on second and third, both of whom ran

to home in a celebratory fashion. Sara, in her excitement, over-ran first base. When

she turned quickly to go back, her right knee gave out. Sara went down in agony just

a few feet from first base.

Sara was clearly injured and unable to walk on her own. Her coaches and teammates

were trying to decide what to do—if the Western Oregon trainers, coaches, or

teammates touched Sara or helped her up, she would be out. If they substituted in a

pinch-runner for Sara, her home run would be counted as a two-run single.

Central Washington player Mallory Holtman was also a senior. After four years, she

knew the rules of the game and quickly realized that for Sara’s home run to count

Central was going to have to help.

Mallory ran over to the umpires and to Western’s coach. “Excuse me,” Mallory

interrupted, “would it be OK if we carried her around and she touched each bag?”

Though surprised, they said yes. Mallory and teammate Liz Wallace promptly picked

Sara up, gingerly letting her left foot down to touch each of the bases to get her home


This act of sportsmanship contributed to Central’s loss. Still, there were no regrets or

angry words from Mallory’s teammates. They all agreed—helping the opponent was

simply the right thing to do.

See!  Feel good don’ty ya? Kisses , & call me! 

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Free tickets stopped- Metro dome a mess

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Part of a news update on the dome :  The Vikings’ home game against the New York Giants was moved to Monday night in Detroit after the Metrodome’s inflated roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow early Sunday morning. Sorry boys!

The Lions started distributing free general admission tickets Monday at 9 a.m., but less than two hours later announced a halt to the giveaway after receiving an “overwhelming response.”



Shivering fans braving 12-degree temperatures lined up hours before the box office opened.

The delay has given Favre more time to heal his sprained right shoulder, with his NFL-record streak of 297 straight regular-season starts hanging in the balance. It also gives the Vikings a warm, dry place to play after more than 17 inches of snow tore two giant holes in the Teflon roof and erased the familiar puffy white top from the east side of the downtown skyline.

Favre told USA Today on Sunday that he doubted he will be able to play on Monday night, but added that the postponement “does buy a little time.”Time, according to interim coach Leslie Frazier, is exactly what the 41-year-old quarterback needs. He barely practiced at all this week and still has not thrown a proper pass since Bills linebacker Arthur Moats blindsided him last week and knocked him out of the game on the first series.Frazier said he still thinks there’s a possibility Favre can play, “especially with an extra day” of rest.”The rest is as important as anything for him,” Frazier said. “We’ll still get a chance to test some things out (Monday). This just bought us another day from a rest standpoint and treatment.”



The game originally was scheduled for Sunday afternoon and already had been pushed back because of the storm that dumped 17 inches of snow on Minneapolis and caused the Giants plane to be diverted from the Twin Cities to Kansas City on Saturday. Metrodome officials told the league the roof wouldn’t be ready in time to play Monday or Tuesday, which sent the NFL and teams scrambling to find a new venue. The league also had discussions with New Orleans, St. Louis and Indianapolis and briefly considered the University of Minnesota’s outdoor stadium before deciding to hold the game at Ford Field at 7:20 p.m. EST.

“Joke goin round is Gods Tryin to preserve Bretts streak record,” Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian wrote on Twitter. “Lol!!”

About an hour after the Lions beat the Packers at Ford Field on Sunday, stadium workers started scrubbing LIONS from one of the end zones.”Obviously, we want to make it as hospitable as possible for the Vikings, since this is their home game,” Lions president Tom Lewand said.