Baseball Season Begins …

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Yesterday I caught the Phillies get beat by the Brewers!! Exciting game 10-4 with a three-run homer from Braun! So exciting to watch baseball again. Makes me want to go to a game and experience all the joys of being in a ballpark!! The feeling you get as you drive into the parking lot, walk into the stadium, concession stands, taking your seats, National Anthem, and …

Gets me so excited!! Last time I was at a game I was naughty and would love to be again. My date and I ended up in the Ladies Room! Yes, I got so excited and pumped from the action that I grabbed his hand and led him to the stall. Got right down on my knees and sucked that cock so good. He still talks about how hot that was!! Me … I want to do it again.

Call me and let’s get excited together!!

Come play with me

Come play with me

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Amanda Says Lets Play Ball!

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Whether you want to hit a home run, score a touchdown, sink a birdie, or do a slam dunk, there cums a time you need to take a break and have some fun. No matter the sport I’m willing to be the home base you slide in to, the end zone you score in, the hole to sink your balls in, or the hoop you slam dunk your dick in. I’m a good sport and love to play with balls and cocks alike so give me a call during intermission or whenever you get the chance. I’m ready to play ball!


Let’s Play Ball

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Your favorite summer time sports and contests are going on all around the world! From Volleyball on the beach, to the HOT swimsuit contests. I know all that competition gets your blood RISING so with Baseball mid-season and Football getting ready to start, you will need to work off that energy and who better to do that with than me? I love to play with balls, or you can dunk your dick in one of my holes. Whatever games you want to play I’m a good sport, I play them all!! No taboos. mommy/son, brother/sister. whatever your desires or fetish, this slut will fulfill them. Let the games begin by giving me a call!


WOW Woman Dumps Beer On Husband At Game

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Oh yes you heard me right, I couldn’t wait to see this video & read about how at a baseball game this woman dumped her beer all over her own husband. I must admit I was hoping it would be more of a hot wet t-shirt thing where hot woman is wearing a white t-shirt & we could all see when she was soaked with beer…turned out different but still funny. Once your done laughing about this link Call this Hot Milf to fuck–I am so very horny this afternoon I cannot stand the phone not ringing for me to hear you cum for mommy! Enjoy everyone ;)


Call MILF Molly


Amanda Hits a Home Run!!

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MILF Molly Slutty For Sports Fans

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Hello all you sports lovers out there that also enjoy a good nasty MILF to play with during the commercials. Today I wanted to just post a link of current updates on all sports so everyone can enjoy no matter what your flavor of ball is. I think we all know mine is your balls on my face or fucking me so hard your balls are slapping my sweet ass cheeks. This mama finds it so hot when you take all that built up energy from watching an intense game turn to me to take it out on during the commercials. Don’t be afraid to pound out ANY of this mama’s holes whenever and however you want! I will always be ready and waiting wet n ready to play with my pussy as you stroke yourself to photos of me. Until we speak to get real nasty darling enjoy the link and keep updated!

Mama Molly Don’t be shy to Email Mama

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Molly’s Ready For Balls To The Face

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As all you boys love to watch baseBALL and footBALL and basketBALL this MILF always loves BALLS ON MY FACE! Are you going to be the hard dirty dick and balls that are going to show this MILF how to really get fucked?? Boy I hope so Darlin! Trust that this MILF is never tired of being the dirtiest slut you’ve ever had…Just try me.

MILF Molly

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Batter-Up Those Cocks For Milf Molly

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Milf Molly here to call your cock to attention and make sure your ready for what my ass and pussy both will throw at you. Sweetheart you’d be surprised how filthy this mama likes to get and having both my holes with any kind of cock is the name of my game, you good enough to be the one to call the shots on this Milf Slut? Call me anytime boys my number is toll free and my ass is always ready to be pounded like you wouldn’t believe. Cum get mama



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Well Boys the big events start tomorrow 10/30/11 @ 1:15pm pt…
49ers vs Cleveland Browns
Seahawks vs Bengals


ok little pepe boys call me and mention this ad to get our October Sports Special. I will make it worth your while and money. So if you need a Mommy or Auntie just call Amanda.



The Cardinals beat the Tx Ranger in the WORLD SERIES!!!! Wow what a game, The Rangers gave the Cardinals a run for there money. Now Boys and Men call this hot sporty bitch for some fun sex talk and mention this blog and get a special discount. Call me BOYS NOW!!!! Im sitting here with my baseball uniform waiting to get some hot juice in my face!!

Ohh ya PS: That Albert Pujols is one sexy Latino Man and Man I can show him a thing or two about sex sportys <wink>



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