Got lucky last Sunday Hottie.

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You had a good Sunday last weekend when the birds you predicted to come through, actually did. That Cards/GB game was a shootout. 51 to 45 in OT. Crazy. Nice call on the Ravens doing a beatdown on the Patriots too. Didn’t see that one coming with the Patriots always winning home playoff games. So, we kind of split last week so I guess that means we meet in the middle and do eachother, huh. lol. Sounds good to me.

Todays game I hope goes in favor of the Ravens again. After seeing the Colts go 14-0 and then tank by not playing their starters, I hope they get what they deserve. Nothing!! Nothing but a loss. I know you will be pulling for the Chargers and most likely the Cards. I’m going with the Saints in the early game, and the Ravens in the later. Tomorrow the Vikings better put Romo and boys out of commission or I’m going to be really pissed.

Enjoy the games baby and wrap those big tits around the remote for me and post a pic of that sweet creamy.

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