Rainy Ride

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My favorite kind of ride happened yesterday. I was caught in the rain while on my Harley. I got soaked before I ended up at my favorite rest area. It’s a little park and ride that has woods behind it. My man and I got off our bikes and headed for the woods. Just imagine my shirt stuck to my tits and my tight jeans hugging my ass. We went behind a large tree and he started to peel off my clothes. I dropped to my knees and pulled that cock. I stroked and sucked that cock until it was about to burst. He couldn’t wait any longer and he bent me over and took me from behind. Thrusting that hard cock into me as the rain just dripped off of our bodies. Couldn’t tell if it was our sweat or the rain after a while. And who really cared at that point. Then he lifted me up and my back was against the tree as he bounced me up and down on that rock hard cock.

Don’t you want to go for a ride with me?

Call Amanda (877) 694-5179

Call Amanda (877) 694-5179

Take a ride with me …

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It was soooo hot today that I just needed to take a ride. I had sweat dripping down my back and between my tits. I just needed to cool off; let the breezes flow. So, I headed out on a nice long ride on my Harley. Yes, I have a Harley Softail Deluxe!! No sissy bike for me. No riding on the back. I straddle my own bike and just let the wind take me wherever it takes me. Long winding mountainous roads. I also love to take breaks at the local biker bars and have a nice cold beer.

Wouldn’t you like to join me sometime??

Luv, Amanda
(877) 694-5179

Call me at (877) 694-5179

Call me at (877) 694-5179

A Tomboy who is ALL Girl!

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Hello there I’m Carly, and I’ve been described as a sports fanatic, and it’s true.  I’ve also been told I’m a hellova good lay and THAT’s true too!  What is it about a ball or 2 that gets my blood going on or off the field.

Now it being late spring there’s not a lot going on sports wise on TV - oh you can always find something but I’d like something fun to find me - maybe that will be you - call me - 1-877-219-6027.



Keep me coming

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Yes I love when my boys keep me cumming. I love when I squirt all on his face and balls. Now that the football season is over I have to find something fun to do now. Well I guess all my free time will be spent with all my boy toys. And by the way I have lots of boy toys. I am taking more applications in the future. I can’t seem to get enough cock in me. So anyone want to try me out please feel free to stick that big or little cock in me. That is why they call me Carly Creams. So if you have peanuts or not, or just want to inspire me with that hot throbbing cock please do call me. So let this dirty girl go crazy on your cock. Oh and by the way I love beer and peanuts. So lets have a party and let me drive you crazy with my voice and mind.









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Amanda here Raiders Fan,
I’m covering for Carly because she is one pissed off bitch!! If you’re a Raiders fan I guess you are pissed too. Yes the Raiders got there ass kick by the one and only Packers. So what I am doing is running the Notes and Stats on the Game Raiders loss to the Packers. So hope you enjoy what I have for you today.

RB Michael Bush ran for 78 yards and one touchdown.

WR Darrius Heyward-Bey caught five passes for 78 yards.

WR Louis Murphy had a season-high 70 yards receiving on four catches.

P Shane Lechler punted five times, averaging 49.4 yards per punt, and had one punt go for 71 yards. His 71-yarder was downed inside the one-yard line, leading to a safety.

Safety Mike Mitchell recorded his first interception of the season in the end zone, thwarting a Green Bay scoring chance.

LB Rolando McClain led the team in tackles with seven, including two QB sacks and a safety.

DE Desmond Bryant recorded two tackles for loss, including his fifth sack of the season. He also blocked an extra point attempt.

So come inspire us with some love boys and call us when you have a itch or just want to talk to a sexy big tit fat ass slut.

We have Holiday Phone sex Specials





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The Cardinals beat the Tx Ranger in the WORLD SERIES!!!! Wow what a game, The Rangers gave the Cardinals a run for there money. Now Boys and Men call this hot sporty bitch for some fun sex talk and mention this blog and get a special discount. Call me BOYS NOW!!!! Im sitting here with my baseball uniform waiting to get some hot juice in my face!!

Ohh ya PS: That Albert Pujols is one sexy Latino Man and Man I can show him a thing or two about sex sportys <wink>



More BULLSHIT from Dumbfucks with Power

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This is one of the most insane stories I’ve read this week anyway!  Every time I read some sort of news or venture out into public … There is stupidity everywhere!


Pointing to the Heavens is EXCESSIVE …. WTF !!!!!

High school kids rockin the field .. in celebration an arm is raised pointing to his pal in heaven .. probably thanking him .. this is EXCESSIVE really !?!?!?! WTF!!!


 WTF ?!?!?!?!?!?!

So once again some ridiculous jackass with a power issue calls a fuckin lame call for a high school game, like grandma says in the clip ” He didn’t take his helmet off, he merely raised his hand to heaven.”  HIGH SCHOOL FOLKS … really ?

My question to the fuckin jackass ref .. how much did they pay you to be ever so lame?  Hopefully you never ref another game EVER!!!!

In fact my the fleas of a thousand camels infest your ass crack

If your from Louisville Ohio I truly wish this had not happened to you or your kids .. its just another disgrace to the human race.  And down right nasty ass mean fucks that are allowed to live! 

Click for the full story and video

Giants win first World Series since 1954

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WOW CAN YOU BELIVE IT 10 YEARS OLDER THAN ME .. thats a long ass time.  Glad those giants found there balls and took em home … CONGRATS BOYS



I’m sure you’ll be partying for days to come .. enjoy every bit of the glory XOXOX

~kisses Bonnie 1-877-279-2318