I love balls in my mouth!!

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I love balls in my mouth on a good cold day and being a dirty MILF. Since the Football season has started I can’t get my husband away from the tube. So I am looking for some fun with hungry starved men. So give me (a hot mama) a call so we can have phone sex and you will not want anyone else once I get what I want from you with my body and voice. I am into No Taboos, Cock sucking, manipulate you to get what I want !!
This hot Mama is waiting with her stocking and hells so come and join me.



I love Smoking and Men!!!

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There is nothing like a room full of SMOKE and MEN. I want to tell all you men out there that this hot sexy sporty bitch is here waiting on some fun. So pick up that phone and see how I hypnotise you with my smoke. Yes I love it when someone calls me and wants to do a smoke call. There is nothing like a real smoke job in the middle of the day. Cum and join me young men or old in my smoking lounge where all men can smoke and have fun with this Carly. I love it when I see smoke and men everywhere it gets me so hot and wet. I want to be your Naughty Girl.

So bring your balls and lets have fun