World Series

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I just have to say something about the All America Baseball … I’ll go for the hotdogs and beer :)

Ok one game down and folks lined up like crazy sitting in lawn chairs all night long to get really expensive tickets to see the Yankees get there butts kicked it seems.  But then there is the statistic the in 1950 thats right 1950 the Yankees were 1 - 4

And then the allstar Pedro Martinez he was showcased on a TV interview.  OH MY WHAT A HUMBLE GUY …. lol NOT

is he that good?

I know bean would rather see the Cubbies ;)

Take any ball you can get, I know it will feel good

Goin for the Ball - Happy Halloweenie

Goin for the Ball - Happy Halloweenie

Carly, Get off your back baby.

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Talk about predicting some easy games. Cowboys over the Seacocks, Colts over the Niners, Saints over the Falcons. What!!!!??? How about taking a shot at GB vs Minn. Miami vs. Jets, Donkeys vs. Ravens. At least you are consistant by sticking with your Browns. One of these days that dog will find a bone. If only they were as good as you in that department. Ok, I agree with your picks, except the Cleveland game. I go with the Packers, Miami and the Ravens. I hope the Donkeys pull out a win so Pittsburgh can go to the Mile High Stadium next week and knock them from the unbeaten but I think the Ravens are going to beat them to it. Farve will find no love left in Green Bay and the Vikes lose two in a row. I love the Miami crazy offense and wish them luck.  Sanchez should have stayed at USC one more year. They would love to have him this week at Oregon when the Ducks knock USC off the PAC 10 perch they have owned for 7 years running. Oh, sorry, back to the boys getting paid to play. So Carly, after just a few weeks of this you have accumulated enough losses to make even your Browns look good. I know you like losing to me and enjoy your man meat sandwich, but come on, put up at least a little fight. You know I like it when you fight back. Yeah, baby, I’ve got something for you to squeeze.

Gagging big time

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Well SweetP I am still gagging from all those huge losses last weekend. You really pounded me deep! Give me some more. This weekend I hate to say but my SeaCocks are going to loose to Dallas. Yes I’m gonna pick Da Browns,, maybe they will turn out to be Bear Dogs and acutaly win a game this season. Since I really dont like the Niners Im gonna say the Colts kick some butt on that game, blow them out. And finaly for Monday’s game I’m gonna shoot for the Saints, give me some glory hole baby I’m ready to take some heat off the meat! Have a great weekend boys reacy down and give them balls a Squeeze for Carly your phone sex honey.  Time for you to get your face wet on my pussy SweetP, your going down this weekend.

Bump n Grind Baby

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What can I say SweetP? You know how much I love gettin it from behind, and my ass really took a poundin last week! Be gentle with me this week SweetyP, I know you gave me one with the SeaCocks bye, I am going for the Vikigns this weekend though as you need to get nocked down a peg or two with those damn Steelers so get your tongue limbered up babe. Browns well Im gonna pick them still cuz what the hell they need to win some time and to be honest I do love loosing to you.. nothing better than going down lover. Any way I look at it Im a winner, sucking your cock because I made a wrong pick ,, rats, or gettin my juicy pussy licked, its all good SweetP.

Humker down honey either way my pussy is gonna get some attention, make sure you play with those balls while your watching the game lover thinking about Creamy Carly’s stratagy for being the winningest looser!

Starting off Great

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Carly, I swear, you are taking these bets on purpose just to lose to me. This year is starting off just like last year ended, you on your knees. Your Bolts have a must win this week at KC, your Browns have the Cheeseheads coming to town, but the good news is, your Seacocks will not lose this weekend, as they have a bye. Big game in Pittsburgh where the undefeated Vikings cum to take a shot to the chops. Their defense looks more like that of your three favorites teams lately and Farve wont have a late fourth quarter miracle in him this week. Vikings go down hard like you this time. Pittsburgh jumps to the head of the class in the AFC North as the Bears will put another slap on the Bengals so called break out year. So when do I collect my winnings from last weekend baby? Can’t wait to watch you in action Creamy,   AGAIN. lol  Sweet!!!

5 weeks in my sweet ass

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Which is where I feel I’ve been gettin it lately, though not a thing wrong with that, because SweetP you make loosing fun even, I love my Just desserts, gimme some more of that sweet meat baby.

Your on with the Brown/Steeler match,, Ill take that bet honey because I think my boys just might pull off the surprise wake up call game your not expecting. Chargers yes Ill take them too, even though I did like those retro socks the Donkeys were sporting last week  Sorry my Seacock boys,, not gettin me this week, a big L for you.

 Get the score pad out SweetP, time to make up some more mammories oops memories of me licking your ass,, oops kicking your ass, look how you dickstract me, you and that hunkahuhka meat,,Keep posted on Carly’s Ball talk and untill next time boys, reach down and grab those balls, its game time! SweetP you Eat My Pussy, score board is going to Carly this week.

I’m back

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Carly, you big titted hottie, did you miss me? Can’t believe it’ five weeks into the season and I’m just now getting back into action. I will say the gatekeeper of this site was a little slow in getting me the new info to log in. Speaking of logs, I bet you are missing that too aren’t ya. After last years payoff by you, the thought of another year of making bets and seeing you on your knees again at the end of the season made for some fun trips down memory lane for me. You are a pro in that department sweetheart. I have you tagged in my email address as Deepthroat Carly.

Ok, back to this year and the subject at hand, football. Your Seacocks are about the same lame team they were last year, as are your Browns. I know, you like their tight white pants and all those tight butts, but they still suck. Congrats on that one win. As for my Steelers, a bit of the Superbowl hangover and a ton of no Troy cleaning up things on defense. We might get him back this week but no big hurry, we are playing your Browns. lol Sorry, couldn’t help it. Some big surprise teams so far this season, namely the Donkeys, whoops, I mean Broncos and the Bengals. Pittsburgh needs to look out for those guys. We will see if the Donkeys can keep it going on MNF. Playing your other favorite team, the Chargers. I bet you a good hour long tongue lashing the Donkeys whip em. I win either way as the thought of pleasuring you for an hour is some like of bet I would gladly pay off.

Squeeze those giant tits of yours for me until I can do it myself. Take care sweet lady.  SweetP

Some good Ball playing today

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What an embarrassment the Raider game was, but what the hell it was the Raiders. My Under-me-Dawgs the Browns won today hella sweet; it’s about time they got a W! Also my SeeCock’s I mean Sea Hawks not only got the W but shut them down!, almost makes up for their lousy playing so far. Regardless Men,, they did win and I am waiting for you to call and take advantage of my 2.00$ a min special, which only lasts till the start of Mondays game. Until then guys,, Eat My Pussy!! Go Browns, Go SeaHawks! Congraduats on your Steeler win SweetP,, whip out that sweet meat for me! The rest of you Men,, grab those balls n give a squeeze for Carly.


SeaHawks or SeeCocks?

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Im telling you boys, the game on sunday was so bad I couldnt watch it more than quartly checkins. By are it was much better doing my version SeeCocks with my football buddy, I had my mouth around his sweetmeat with it burried all the way deep. I did enjoy the hell out of monday’s game; seeing Farve go against his old team and actualy pull it off was worth watching the whole game, no dickstractions on that one, it was intense for sure. so till next week SweetP Eat My Pussy!

Welcome to the new BALLtalk blog

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Welcome all to the new blog of our Ball time antics … if your naughty and love sports.  Apply for an account @ whether your a naughty ball lovin gal or guy we would love to hear from you ;)

If your a naughty sex purveyor get your venue listed on SEX Leaderboard  Email us

Hope to see you soon

**Balls ;)

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