Another Lay for Tiger

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Way to go Tiger 4th in the Masters, just lets the supporters know Tiger was still in the game.  Knowing the young pro needed his LAYS .. a new supporter stepped up to keep Mr. Tiger in the realm of LICKING his LAYS … 



LOL I knew you’d like it

XOXOX Kisses to you Bonnie 1-877-279-2318

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

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Thats right boys and with the Baseball Season Officially on it’s way we have Diamonds galore to look forward to. All those hot bodies running around the field, Hard hitters and fast balls. ~wink~ Makes a girl all tingly.

So who is your pick for the World Series this year? Oh come on, don’t look at the stats go with your gut instinct. I will of course be watching my faves the Pirates but I am thinking the Giants will go all the way this year.

Now if you must have stats so far with only 6 games played Minnisota has it so far for the American League and the National League well so far there is a 3 way tie for first… So we will keep a eye on that.

So While I am enjoying Carly’s creamy treasures you boys remember Diamonds are forever and us Girlies love em.

So grab those bats and balls boys and give us a call.

Ball Catcher Amanda 1-877-694-5179

What a Game!!

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Boys, I did acutaly put my sweet ass down on the couch and watch the NCAA game last night.. DAMMN am I glad that I did! I was not dissapointed in the action at all. B-Ball isnt one of my favorite sports but I’d be lying if I said my ass wasnt gripping the edge of the couch for the last few minutes of the game.. in a word, INTENSE! I did want Baylor to win because you all know that I am the underdog girl, but hell they were still amazing! Big WAY TO GO BOYS!! Carly owes you a nice ball rub.

Speaking of Ball Rubbing, reach down my sweet men and polish that sweet meat for Creamy Carly.