Football and Baseball - Philadelphia Style

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As some of you know I am again back in my beloved Philadelphia - and today the wonderful #5 Donovan McNabb hung up his qb jersey and #5 has retired - he was a great quarterback and he is a lovely man and will always be loved and respected here in the City of Brotherly Love.

The Phillies have no shot at the playoffs, oh well.

So although I don’t have a lot to celebrate sports wise here guys so give a girl a hand - or better yet give a girl a call and let me guide your hand to some yummy mutual masterbation - when there’s nothing worthwhile watching on TV there’s always something going on in our pants - let’s start that fire!


Will Tony Romo Play like a Cowgirl ?

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Just wondering if the cowboys boy Tony will be able to follow thru or choke like a little girl …………

Just askin

Just askin

Give a call and we’ll discuss the possibilities of Cow-girl or boy ….

1-877-787-7961 *** 1-877-Pussy-61 *** 1-877-787-7961

OREGON squashes washington state

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Did you catch OREGON squashing the balls of washington

Ducks #2 still !!

Beavers #10 now !!

Won’t it be a ball crushing game when they crush the others and meet at the Bowl ;)

Us Oregon ladies will be draining your phonesex balls in the meantime

Can’t wait to stroke your balls

Were always ready for you 1-877-787-7961

Basketball Season Is Over

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Just ME!!!

Just ME!!!

So the end of basketball season is here and I am too. My name is Melody Bunns and I am the newest girl around here to be talking dirty on the phone and can keep up with you guys on the field,in the mountains or wherever I need too! I am an all around American girl that can dress up or dress down and I LOVE my sports. From Daytona to Football games I have done it. I guess you could say I just like balls in general. I would love to talk dirty to you or about sports. Like how about that Heat and Lebron??? Or maybe that is a sensitive subject for you…were you going for the other team? Id love to hear from you Im available all the time! 1 800 971 7067!

XXXOOO ~Melody Bunns

Wild Turkey and Coke

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This is just fabulous, I have a lot of friends that are avid sportsmen. So they pass around the fun ;)

I had to share this little ditty with you all … your gonna fuckin love it XoXoX

Wild Turkey and Coke On A Monday Morning
I had to go to Harrison(Arkansas)this morning and saw this Coke truck

sitting on the side of the road. When I got close to it I could see

what was wrong and turned around to go make sure the driver was OK;

he was fine.
I told him he should get a medal for keeping the truck in the
road and not having a major accident. You’ll see why in one of the
pictures. I guess he wanted a little Wild Turkey with his Coke this


Wild Turkey & Coke

Wild Turkey & Coke

You’d think someone was drinkin Helluva a pic .. hope you enjoy as much as I have ;)

Bonnie XoXoX 1-877-279-2318



Ball hanging day

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We are wishing all the daddys, grampa’s, uncles and any other man persons out there a Ball hanging day
Kick back relax and scratch the balls just because its your day and you can XOXOXOXO
We love you even with all your good & bad

We'll even suck those hairy balls ;)
We’ll even suck those hairy balls ;)

Want pussy for those sweet nuts of yours 1-877-787-7961 XOXOXOX


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Feel the drool on the balls ;)  (*)(*)

Feel the drool on the balls ;) (*)(*)

What kind of balls you ask … well let me tell you

Leather balls
Sweet balls
Ping Pong balls
Hairy balls
Golf balls
Base balls
Swollen balls
Horny balls
The list just goes on and on doesn’t it heheheh what will we do with all those balls ;)

We could rub them, lick them, pitch them, spit on them, shave them, fondle them …. again the list just grows doesn’t it baby
Call our Ladies today for a HOT Conversation about balls .. I’m sure they have some great ideas Love
Hot, horny or a wee bit painful .. we’ll fix you right up
1-877-Pussy-61 (+)(+) 1-877-787-7961

Giants win first World Series since 1954

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WOW CAN YOU BELIVE IT 10 YEARS OLDER THAN ME .. thats a long ass time.  Glad those giants found there balls and took em home … CONGRATS BOYS



I’m sure you’ll be partying for days to come .. enjoy every bit of the glory XOXOX

~kisses Bonnie 1-877-279-2318

Go Ducks Go BEAVERS Go

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Just a quick root for our boys in green .. after all its all about going green right ;)

I hope all OREGON teams kick ass … the best is in oregon you know

Were the best phone sex so our boys should be the best in sports ;)






Lakers or Celtics … oh my

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Amazing comments on the ongoing game via twitter …. serious which city will burn tonight … Americans acting like uncivilized children

40 cop cars lined up in anticipation of post-game Lakers riot. None for E3. Now, which games promote violence?”

So tonight the Lakers play the Celtics in Game 7 of the NBA Finals to decide whose city will be set on fire by drunks.

celtics won the championship on 6/17/08, today is 6/17/10. 617 = boston areacode. lets go celts!

Current score … not consistent with the predictions now is it …. LOL

You know what I say lets all get naked and screw that will take care of the burning of two cities … un aldulterated raw sex for all!

Let's just screw ;) or blow XXX

Let's just screw ;)

Kisses to all the naughty boys and girls out there XOXO

Screw and be Happy no matter who wins … Enjoy always Bonnie 1-877-279-2318

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