Super Bowl Deserves a Super Hot Chic

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Are you gearing up for the big game? Don’t forget to gear up for hot sex with a hot chic! I’m ready and willing to take care of those needs before or after the game. Who am I kidding…during the game too! You would be scoring a different kind of touchdown with me. I will hold your balls tight to avoid a fumble or I can bend over to hike the ball and you can rub your hands all over my hot wet pussy then ram your hard cock in from behind and SCORE!! I can play the game however you want and make up the rules as we go along or just simply have no rules at all and anything goes. I want to be tackled and completely worn out by the end of the 4th quarter. Give me a call baby and let the game begin!

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2013 NFL playoffs

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NEW YORK — The NFL conference title games’ television viewership is up big from last season.

The Broncos’ 26-16 win over New England for the AFC championship averaged 51.3 million viewers Sunday on CBS. That’s up 22 percent from the early game a year ago between San Francisco and Atlanta.

The Seahawks’ 23-17 victory over the 49ers in the NFC averaged 55.9 million viewers on Fox, up 17 percent from Ravens-Patriots in the late window in 2013.

CBS said Monday that Denver’s win had a 28.1 rating and 51 share — the second-highest rating for the AFC game in 17 years, behind a 28.3 for Jets-Steelers in 2011. Seattle’s victory drew a 28.5/44, the highest-rated non-overtime NFC game since 1997.

Ratings measure the percentage of households with televisions watching a program, while shares represent the percentage of TVs in use at the time.

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Whos Not Seen The 2014 NFL Mock Drafts Yet?

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Well here’s the link all my horny sports fans! Just click on the link below & there’s the entire list I found for all chosen.

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Whos Keeping Up With The Saints and the Seahawks

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Following the game! join me!  Here’s the latest scores!!

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