Do you know what this is?

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So, there
was this young guy thinking on getting married. He knew he wanted a woman that
was a little less
knowledgeable in the sex department
so he decided to go to church and get a nice church girl.
He asked the first
girl out on a date and when the date was over in the car he whipped out his cock
and asked “what is this?” She answered “well silly thats your cock.” That was
the last date with her. He went out with another girl, dined n danced her and
after the date he whipped out his dick and asked her “do you know what this is?”
“Heck yea,, thats your cock.” So much for girl number two.
A few days later
he asked out another pretty girl from the church and when the date was over he
pulled out his cock and again asked “do you know what this is?” The girl looked
and said “well thats your little peepee.”
Woo-Hoo he had
found his girl!
They got married
and a even though it was a few months after they got married she still called
his cock ‘his little peepee’. It was not so cute anymore so he told her instead
of calling it his little peepee she could call it his cock.
She laughed and
said,, “Honey, thats not a cock,,,,,, cocks are BIG …. and Black!!