Wild Turkey and Coke

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This is just fabulous, I have a lot of friends that are avid sportsmen. So they pass around the fun ;)

I had to share this little ditty with you all … your gonna fuckin love it XoXoX

Wild Turkey and Coke On A Monday Morning
I had to go to Harrison(Arkansas)this morning and saw this Coke truck

sitting on the side of the road. When I got close to it I could see

what was wrong and turned around to go make sure the driver was OK;

he was fine.
I told him he should get a medal for keeping the truck in the
road and not having a major accident. You’ll see why in one of the
pictures. I guess he wanted a little Wild Turkey with his Coke this


Wild Turkey & Coke

Wild Turkey & Coke

You’d think someone was drinkin Helluva a pic .. hope you enjoy as much as I have ;)

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Keep me coming

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The 2012 Super Bowl is set to air this Sunday, Feb. 5, on NBC. The highly anticipated game will feature a re-match between the New England Patriots led by Tom Brady and the New York Giants led by Eli Manning. The two teams faced off in the 2008 Super Bowl as well. Well come on boys call Carly and hear me cream when you talk about balls or sports or just call me and tell me who your favorite team is and have a nasty Conversation for our Superbowl 12 phone sex special. Let Carly be a very Nasty girl for you.