Carly loves tight ends!!! GO RAIDERS!!

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Carly loves football season.

Its time when all those studs come out with there tight ends. That is what Carly loves the most about football TIGHT ENDS are so sweet, they makes me want to start playing with myself. So all you raiders fans out there email me and tell me what you think about the RAIDERS. I love to get dirty notes so come on call me and see how much fun we can have.


I am not just into sports, I love everything that has to do with sex. Balls and dirty girls go together like a baseball and glove. Everywhere I look I see tanned hard bodies and experienced older dicks just wanting to fill me up. So far I haven’t meet a dick I won’t lick! I will do pretty much anything to please you, so try me out. So if you want to have some hot steamy phone sex call me. I will tell you everything you need to hear.




Gold is such a pretty color

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You go girl the first black girl to win the gold, which is a very big thing. That just means dynamite comes in small packages. So the USA is kicking ass this weekend. I love the women volleyball team. Watching the USA girls last night was hot and they are definitely bad ass bitches. I would love to take both of them on. So Guys you want a naught girl like me that likes cigars and Sports. Call me I will be your naughty little slut and by the way boys I LOVE ANAL. I AM LIKE A DOG IN HEAT I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF COCK.