Big WooHoo

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To Jimmy Johnson takin first on Sundays race, but a huge Flick O Da Titt to my Man Kevin Harvick,, second aint that bad, esp in Nascar, its all about the points.

Not been watching too much other sports lately but I have been getting some good Fck Fun in, give me a call and you might get lucky.. catch me with a big Orgasm for you.

Reach down and polish those Balls for me boys, Sweet P you need to cum on over and lets get jiggy.. Been thinkin of my Big Huntahhhh.

Carly 1-877-219-6027

Olympics AMAZING

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LOL I just had to share the photo of the agony of defeat … Devistated reaction to loss



Nascar yahoo

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Congradulations! to Jamie McMurry for taking the Big One at Daytona, way to go Sir McMur.. keep the hot tracks goin. I think Im going to like some of these new rules.

Play hard and Fuck even Harder! and Boys dont forget to reach down low and grab those jewels and polish them for Creamy Carly


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Are you all watching these amazing athletes ?

I keep gasping at the amazing feats they are achieving .. right now watching the Ladies Snowboarding … we were in first .. but alas Australia snuck by

Go ladies go … and the Ladies Hockey KICK SOME ICE LADIES !

Wishing all the athletes an amazing time and many many medals



Half time Head 4 SweetP

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Absolutley right honeystud SweetP.. I so adored that halftime Head you shared. What a game, all the way offensive, but thats old news now.

I’m not much of a Basketball person but hell if there is balls and dribble action Im there you know that SweetP, Thank you for that sweet dick dribble you shared last Sunday. I’ll take a gander at the games and ┬ásee what we can wager on.

While we wait why dont all you boys reach down pull out them cock throbbers and give a few strokes for Creamy Carly.


Winner Winner

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Let’s see, Colts up at half time, that’s who I picked and Carly owes me (again) that oh so nice BJ. I’ll be over soon to collect baby. After you are done with that, as promised, I’m all yours to do with me as you wish. It was a fun season, so happy for the Saint players and the owner, Mr. Benson. He deserved it. I didn’t think they could pull it off and after getting down 10-0, I thought it was going to be a blowout the other way. Way to rally.

So sweet Creamy Carly, loosen up those lips as you have your work cut out for you when I get there. I love it when I see your cute mouth open up wide, my cock disappear and I’m looking down at the top of your head. Thank you Colts for at least giving me that halftime lead. Ahhh, what are we going to bet on now hot stuff??

Saints Take The Game

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Oh I wish I was in New Orleans tonight. I am sure you all know how fantastic it is during Madre Gra but can you imagine the victory party going on right now on Burbon Street. First Super Bowl ever for the Saints and they win it 31 to 17!

All those hot jazz clubs and sexy men and women partying and dancing in the streets. Burbon Street gets so crowded that you can hardly move some times. Now imagine hot horny drunk and high on a big Super Bowl victory.

All I can say is I would love to be there right now!


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Click the link for my idea of half time fun … GO COLTS!

Cum get it.

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BJ for the halftime winner??? Yeah baby.

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I love your style Carly. Ok, I pick Colts. I’m rooting for the Saints but like you, think the Colts are just too much this year. Just like you Carly, you are way too much of a good thing. Any of you guys reading this, jump on in here and get some of this. Speaking from experience, Carly is one hot piece of lovely everything. She is the first person I’ve met that truly loves to lose a bet and she does it with a smile. OK, back to football as my dick is getting hard thinking about you sweet thing. Colts win but lets just leave the bets to everyone else. (except the halftime bet) After the game, I will be your boy toy slave for the rest of the night. Your wish is my command and make sure you use me all up. It will be a long off season and no sense in leaving anything undone. See you after the game you big titted sex machine.

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