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Right now please ;)

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Carly Cums 877-219-6027

Carly Cums 877-219-6027

Mayweather vs Maidana fight

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What a great night I had!! My Kenyan friends wanted to watch the fight, so I invited them over and made a party of it! Me and 8 Kenyan men!! A room full of testosterone as we watched the four fights that night.

Boy, do men get hyped-up watching men punch the hell out of each other. Shouting at the TV - it was soooo hilarious to me. I decided they needed to calm down before going home. I got down on my knees with all 8 Mandingos circling me and I was in heaven. One by one I stroked and sucked those cocks until they exploded all over my face and tits. And, man, there was a lot of cum. Those big, beautiful cocks hanging in my face, my mouth wrapped tightly around each member …

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Call Amanda at (877) 694-5179

Call Amanda at (877) 694-5179

Rainy Ride

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My favorite kind of ride happened yesterday. I was caught in the rain while on my Harley. I got soaked before I ended up at my favorite rest area. It’s a little park and ride that has woods behind it. My man and I got off our bikes and headed for the woods. Just imagine my shirt stuck to my tits and my tight jeans hugging my ass. We went behind a large tree and he started to peel off my clothes. I dropped to my knees and pulled that cock. I stroked and sucked that cock until it was about to burst. He couldn’t wait any longer and he bent me over and took me from behind. Thrusting that hard cock into me as the rain just dripped off of our bodies. Couldn’t tell if it was our sweat or the rain after a while. And who really cared at that point. Then he lifted me up and my back was against the tree as he bounced me up and down on that rock hard cock.

Don’t you want to go for a ride with me?

Call Amanda (877) 694-5179

Call Amanda (877) 694-5179

Take a ride with me …

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It was soooo hot today that I just needed to take a ride. I had sweat dripping down my back and between my tits. I just needed to cool off; let the breezes flow. So, I headed out on a nice long ride on my Harley. Yes, I have a Harley Softail Deluxe!! No sissy bike for me. No riding on the back. I straddle my own bike and just let the wind take me wherever it takes me. Long winding mountainous roads. I also love to take breaks at the local biker bars and have a nice cold beer.

Wouldn’t you like to join me sometime??

Luv, Amanda
(877) 694-5179

Call me at (877) 694-5179

Call me at (877) 694-5179

NBA Playoff West

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One of my naughty boys wanted me to check out his team the Portland Trail Blazers. Last night I decided to watch them fight the Houston Rockets on ESPN. I have to say that basketball has not been a sport I follow. But, my mind has changed after watching that game as it went into OT. Those boys have some real skill.

I loved watching their sweaty bodies race back and forth down the court. Arms and legs everywhere!! Layup after layup … charging the net!! Such skill! I kept imagining what nasty things I could come up with these hot men!!

Call me, honey, I want more … cum play with MY balls!!

Amanda (877) 694-5179

Amanda (877) 694-5179

Amanda (877) 694-5179

The Seahawks and Michael Bennett

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The Seattle Seahawks have signed Michael Bennett to a multiyear contract extension, preventing the defensive end from becoming an unrestricted free agent.

League sources confirmed to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that Bennett signed a four-year deal.

The Seahawks announced the deal on their official Twitter page Monday, one day before the start of free agency.

Bennett also took to Twitter, praising the Seahawks’ fans.

Bennett was Seattle’s best defensive lineman in 2013 after signing a one-year deal worth $4.8 million. He played his first four seasons with Tampa Bay after the Seahawks released him as an undrafted rookie in 2009.

The 6-foot-4 Bennett was everything and more the Seahawks hoped he’d be when they brought him back for the 2013 season. He had 8.5 sacks in the regular season along with one forced fumble and one fumble recovery, which he returned 22 yards for a touchdown.

Bennett’s versatility and quickness were major assets for Seattle, and he played both end and tackle.

He had six tackles, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and a half-sack in the Seahawks’ divisional-round playoff game against New Orleans. He kept it up in the NFC Championship Game, posting a sack and recovering a fumble that he returned 17 yards to the San Francisco 49ers‘ 6-yard-line.

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So The Seahawks Take It!

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Sunday, February 2, 3:30 PM
MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey


43 - 8
1 2 3 4 Total
Seahawks 8 14 14 7 43
Broncos 0 0 8 0 8
All times are in Pacific Time
So for all my naughty men out there who was voting for who? I know anyone rooting for the Broncos left with their heads low & disappointed and Seahawk fans must have been going wild with the scores you see!! My favorite parts of the game day were when I got naughty phone calls and got to play with myself and sit on some toys during half time and breaks from the game! Won’t you the next one to let this mature mommy play with YOUR balls??
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It’s Super Bowl Sunday 2014!!

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Super Bowl 2014 score: Seahawks get safety to start game after Broncos bad snap to Peyton Manning

that’s right just click on this link & see the beginning game action!

**click here for superbowl sunday**

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2013 NFL playoffs

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NEW YORK — The NFL conference title games’ television viewership is up big from last season.

The Broncos’ 26-16 win over New England for the AFC championship averaged 51.3 million viewers Sunday on CBS. That’s up 22 percent from the early game a year ago between San Francisco and Atlanta.

The Seahawks’ 23-17 victory over the 49ers in the NFC averaged 55.9 million viewers on Fox, up 17 percent from Ravens-Patriots in the late window in 2013.

CBS said Monday that Denver’s win had a 28.1 rating and 51 share — the second-highest rating for the AFC game in 17 years, behind a 28.3 for Jets-Steelers in 2011. Seattle’s victory drew a 28.5/44, the highest-rated non-overtime NFC game since 1997.

Ratings measure the percentage of households with televisions watching a program, while shares represent the percentage of TVs in use at the time.

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Whos Not Seen The 2014 NFL Mock Drafts Yet?

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Well here’s the link all my horny sports fans! Just click on the link below & there’s the entire list I found for all chosen.

click me for the list of drafts!

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