Colts & Saints are going to the BIG DANCE

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Were going for the SUPER BOWL now … FUCK everything else!

Get out the sunglasses were headed to Miami … The game of the year .. who will throw the most passes Peyton Manning or Drew Vrees?  Better yet who will be picked off more?

It’s gonna be an ALL OFFENSE GAME …… I got nothin else to say!!

Super Bowl 44

Super Bowl 44

Brees to the Superbowl

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Chargers, gone!! Cards gone!! Ravens gone! Looks like your birds and your beloved Chargers are on vacation Creamy. I have to hand it to Farve for knocking the Cowgirls out of the playoffs but going with the Saints this week. Did I mention that Jerry Jones and his Cowgirls are gone.. lol ha ha. I get so sick of the TV cameras panning to his pressbox. What a crock. Now he can spend his time promoting fights in his 1 billion dollar stadium.

I don’t think they are going to do it but wouldn’t it be nice to see the Jets beat the very team that laid down and let them in the playoffs in the first place. Go Jets. That would be justice. Let me know who you are rooting for this weekend hottie and make me a little wager. I’ve got the urge to see you on your knees again baby. SP

Got lucky last Sunday Hottie.

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You had a good Sunday last weekend when the birds you predicted to come through, actually did. That Cards/GB game was a shootout. 51 to 45 in OT. Crazy. Nice call on the Ravens doing a beatdown on the Patriots too. Didn’t see that one coming with the Patriots always winning home playoff games. So, we kind of split last week so I guess that means we meet in the middle and do eachother, huh. lol. Sounds good to me.

Todays game I hope goes in favor of the Ravens again. After seeing the Colts go 14-0 and then tank by not playing their starters, I hope they get what they deserve. Nothing!! Nothing but a loss. I know you will be pulling for the Chargers and most likely the Cards. I’m going with the Saints in the early game, and the Ravens in the later. Tomorrow the Vikings better put Romo and boys out of commission or I’m going to be really pissed.

Enjoy the games baby and wrap those big tits around the remote for me and post a pic of that sweet creamy.

Down go the Bengals

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So sorry about your Bengals Carly. ha, not. Let’s see, you were 0-2 yesterday. Hated to see the Cowgirls win but the Eagles just plain look sick right now. So, 0-2, that about puts you flat on your back doesn’t it. Ohhhh, just the way I like you. Then again, I kind of liked you bent over the kitchen table that one time. lol

Let’s see how you do today. I’m going with the Pats and the Packers. Welker is going to be missed but I think the Pats have enough at home to win this game. That game will send the AFC north packing for the year. Cards had a miracle run in last years playoffs, but I think not this time around. Rodgers has a good game for the Packers and it will be over for the Cards.

Good luck today Creamy and keep those big tits all ready for me cuz I’m cumming to collect after the games.

Play-Offs get me Off Playing

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Especialy when my wild boys the Bengals are playing with thier balls today for me. Go Bengals!! Love those animal boys. If you boys havent noticed I pick who I want to win not who is expected to win, Jets sorry loosers. Eagles are my pick for the second game of the day,, wax them cowgirl asses.

Sunday get ready to watch some good ball action,, Oh yes thats right you wont be with me,, guess you get to watch the games on T.V. Settle for seeing the Ravens play the Pats, and GreenBay playing the Card’s,, of course you all know I’m going for the Under Dogs,, get under them covers and lick lick puppys, go Ravens and Cards.

In your nut shell Sweet-P,, my Wild Boys the Bengals, and the Flock of Birds, aka, Eagles, Ravens, and Cardinals. Eat my Pussy, and a load for my titts if the Bengals make the S.B.

xxx Carly

Happy New Year with BALLS and PUCKS

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all .. may it be filled with many goals, touchdowns, baskets, birdies, slamdunks and all those other winning ball moves including dipping and stroking ;) if you know what I mean.

Shit its the day of bowls isn’t it ROSE bowl, CAPITAL ONE bowl, OUTBACK bowl, INTERNATIONAL bowl, SUGAR bowl and all the other bowls played this week ORANGE bowl, GATOR bowl hell the list just goes on and on … I’m just in it for the ball slappin in the bowl affairs … wanna slap some balls honey ?

And them RED WINGS .. they kicked some booty one more time 4-2 with the final goal being and empty goal .. way to fuckin go my boys

ENJOY YOUR NEW YEAR … never miss a chance to slap a ball ;)