Play-Offs get me Off Playing

Filed under:Uncategorized — posted by Carly Creams on January 9, 2010 @ 2:13 pm

Especialy when my wild boys the Bengals are playing with thier balls today for me. Go Bengals!! Love those animal boys. If you boys havent noticed I pick who I want to win not who is expected to win, Jets sorry loosers. Eagles are my pick for the second game of the day,, wax them cowgirl asses.

Sunday get ready to watch some good ball action,, Oh yes thats right you wont be with me,, guess you get to watch the games on T.V. Settle for seeing the Ravens play the Pats, and GreenBay playing the Card’s,, of course you all know I’m going for the Under Dogs,, get under them covers and lick lick puppys, go Ravens and Cards.

In your nut shell Sweet-P,, my Wild Boys the Bengals, and the Flock of Birds, aka, Eagles, Ravens, and Cardinals. Eat my Pussy, and a load for my titts if the Bengals make the S.B.

xxx Carly