Down go the Bengals

Filed under:Uncategorized — posted by SweetP on January 10, 2010 @ 2:05 pm

So sorry about your Bengals Carly. ha, not. Let’s see, you were 0-2 yesterday. Hated to see the Cowgirls win but the Eagles just plain look sick right now. So, 0-2, that about puts you flat on your back doesn’t it. Ohhhh, just the way I like you. Then again, I kind of liked you bent over the kitchen table that one time. lol

Let’s see how you do today. I’m going with the Pats and the Packers. Welker is going to be missed but I think the Pats have enough at home to win this game. That game will send the AFC north packing for the year. Cards had a miracle run in last years playoffs, but I think not this time around. Rodgers has a good game for the Packers and it will be over for the Cards.

Good luck today Creamy and keep those big tits all ready for me cuz I’m cumming to collect after the games.