Baseball Season almost here!

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Well Spring Training is almost over only 5 days left until the official Season starts. Though I lost my spring training bet. I can’t wait to watch all those men with their Big bats and fast balls. ;-) I will still root for the Pirates but I think I will be keeping a close eye on the Rays and the Giants this year.

Oh, Carly I can’t wait to pay up and seek out your buried creamy treasures.

So boys polish up those bats and if you need any extra spit for your balls just give me a call.

Ball Catcher Amanda 1-877-694-5179


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Ok you busted me., the only balls Ive been watching are my new lovers dangeling over my face as he fucks my mouth. Only cinderella dance Ive been to is the one Ive been doing on his big hard cock. The only roundy round Ive been in watching is his tongue going from my pussy to ass and back. The only dribbling being done is by me as I drool over his cock and balls. So guys forgive me for my lack of real sports input this week, but cum on face it,, Cock input to my pussy is a much better sport for me. If you lucky I will check out the sports page and write something about the college games going on,, what do they call it? March madness? The sweet 16 or something like that?  You boys watch those balls bouncing and I will consintrate on the big full of cum balls bouncing in my court.

Have a sexellent weekend guys.. reach down and milk those nuts for Carly

1-877-787-7961  thats 1-877 PUSSY61,

Looking forward to Paying Up!

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Well with the Pirates with 5 wins 10 loses and 1 tie I know that I am going to have to soon pay up. This is one bet I have no problems losing. I actually think I am still coming out a winner with being able to explore Carly’s Creamy Treasures.

I found a perfect picture of what we pirate fans look like right now.

Ball Catcher Amanda 1-877-694-5179

Pirates on a sinking ship Spring Training

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Well I don’t know if I am truely going to be a loser if the Pirates don’t pull out their big cannons and start kicking ass because either way I get to enjoy Creamy Carly’s Treasures. So far as of March 12th the Pirates are 3 Wins 6 Loses and 1 Tie with only 22 games left in Spring Training before Regular season starts. So come on team pull out those cannons and blow the competiton out of the water!

For spring training stats seems for the American League Tampa Bay is in first place with 9 W. 1 L. and for the National League it is San Francisco with first place 8 W. 2 L…. So for you Baseball fanatics out there what do you think? Do you have a pre season prediction? Well for me I will just have to see.

So come on just 23 more days until regular season starts so you bring the bats and balls and we will bring the mitts. ~wink~

Ball Catcher Amanda 1-877-694-5179

Love them Ball Sports

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Dont you all just love it? We have two ball games to keep our eyes on.

My Warriors play the Trailblazers tonight, GO CITY! The TrailBlazers havent blazed much since Clyde Drexler played, how long ago was that? I think I was in kindergarden harhar.. I’m pretty sure my boys will spank and take names.

Good Booty Call on the Pirates,, damn how can anyone miss with a name like that? I’ts just oozing with sexual comments just waiting to be utilized. big grin.

Reach down and grabb those balls boys, I know some hearty wenches looking for some jewels to polish with some sexy lips.

Spring Training, Pirates, and Carly’s Buried Treasure Oh My

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Well the Pirates are 3 wins 2 loses and 1 tie so hmm what do you say Carly we keep a running tally? I would love to pilage and plunder your buried treasures. Lets see what they do this week since it seems starting today the line up starts all over again.

Lets not forget that this is just a warm up and to see who makes starting line and where to put those rookies. April is the official start of the Baseball season and then the big bets cum umm I mean come out. ~wink~ Besides maybe we could sale tickets to the big event, the pay up of the loser. ~evil grin~

As far as I am concerned I would be the winner either way. ~laughing~ Though I will be disappointed if the Pirates fall short. I would be quite compensated for that disappointment with that creamy treasure of yours.

So Avast there me hearties lets away anchor and win us some buried treasure and maybe walk/ride some planks together. Like Creamy Carly always says keep those balls polished and we will keep those knobs polished for you.

Ball Catcher Amanda 1-877-694-5179

Wenching? I’m in

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Hell yes I’ll take that bet just for the half chance to get to be the wench for a L. Then again I just may win and you will get to be my lil toy for the day ahrrrrr!! Either way I think both will end up a Wet Winner there Matey! Ahrrggghhh Burried treasure to be looked for dug up with me tongue and ravished.

On to B-Ball,, I’m picking the Warriors as my team to cheer for, not that they have had much to cheer about lately, but I feel a W is due, well see later today on that.

So that pretty much takes up my day we all know how long baseball games take and I have a feeling that some booty will be found for the Pirates and wenches! Big ball dribbling going on later with my Warriors.. MMMm Pirates and Warriors,, sounds like someone needs to be pillaged and plundered.

Reach down and wax those balls boys Creamy Carly is looking for some family jewels.XXX

Spring Training for MLB has started!

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Hold on to your bats and balls boys because tomorrow we have the official first spring training games. So polish up your bats and get those spit balls ready. I love the Pirates not because of Pittsburg, just because mmm Pirates, Ahoy matey let me walk your plank. ~Wink~

Away             Home    Time (ET)/Result   Location
Manatees    Pirates         12:05pm           Bradenton

So anyone up for a bet with this Pirates Wench? Then again you might want to wait for the 2nd spring training game with the Pirates playing the Yankee’s on Wed. maybe then you won’t be so nervous to point your pistols against the pirates. ~Smile~

Ball Catcher Amanda 1-877-694-5179

Winter Olympics

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FUN olympics trivia .. my my how things have changed in our world.  What would these judges say to the volleyball uniforms.

During the 1920 Ladies’ figure skating competition, American Theresa Weld (who won bronze) was warned by the judges for making jumps “unsuitable for a lady,” because her skirt rose to her knees.

Very racey skirt ;)

Very racey skirt ;)

USA took home 37 medals .. EXCELLENT efforts by ALL athletes from ALL countries!