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I’ve been watching and struggling keep watching the Green Bay/ Lion game,, After trying to figure out if it was the Lions playing good or Green Bay really sucking, Its Green Bay really sucking. To let the Lions score first! For Shame! They might be able to get some points on the board if they can keep off those penalties. I hope the next game is better.

Creamy Gravy on my Breasts please.

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First off Happy Big Turkey Day all you ball boys! I am totally in the dumps over the Browns defeat with the Lions of all teams! Shame Shame, but you do know that I will still pick them as my guys because I so luv it Doggy style and they are for sure pumpin in the pound, Bad Boys.

Green Bay better get a win out of the Lions, I’d love to see the Raiders take Dallas, oh I so cant stand them cowboys. Denver will win over the Giants, but I am sure ol SweetP will pick the other way shame me for my horrible picks so far but you know what, He can just eat my pussy. Luv you guy.

As for some of the games of the weekend,,, I always want to pick the SeeCocks, but since they are on the road, goin for the Rams this time, sorry again boys.

Oh horrors of horrors!! My two Ohio teams are playing each other,, I really love those tiger stripes on those Bengal  boys, so sorry you Doggy bad Browns, the Bengal’s  will win this game. I am going for a Steeler win, they deserve it, atta boy SweetP. And the Saints will get the W  on Monday night.

Everybody enjoy the holiday and your family, if you are alone, give me a call, I might let you ‘Stuff my Breast”

Reach down and oil them boys up SweetP gonna be a cum back weekend for Creamy Carly, welcome home from the Great Hunting Trip.

Where’s My Meat!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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I love white meat … but a little dark is always fine!  Especially when you like to watch me eat a little dark ;)

Enjoy your meat anytime HAPPY HOLIDAY TO ALL !!!!


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Guess what ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

There’s a group of animal rights folks that gets a GRAND for abused animals … Every time VICK gets tackled, sacked or just plain HIT !!!


Back from the Hunt!!

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Hey Carly baby, did you miss me? I bet you did and good news for you, I brought back some meat for ya. Yeah, that kind too, lol. Lost track of the sports world out there in the woods but did see your Browns still suck. Ravens two weekends ago and then the lowly Lions whipped their butts on Sunday. Carly, step up and get yourself a new team. Speaking off falling off lately, what the hell has happened to my Steelers?? The Chiefs beat em. WTF. Time to man up boys and start to play some football. As you always say Carly, time to reach down and grab those balls and play like the 6 time Champs they are. Time for you to reach down too Carly as my balls are needing some attention from you. Yeah, you owe me so pay up hottie.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. Whether you prefer legs or the breast, white meat or dark, it’s all delicious. SMC Carly

Big Game

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As in Big game Meat!! I’m letting SweetP off this weekend on the picks since he is going out into the wild woods to get Creamy Carly some ‘Wild Meat” to chew on, not that he hasnt kept me busy chewing on his thick cock paying him back for all my horrible ( lucky me) picks.

So the SeaCock game was a gimmy but any W is good when it cums to those boys. As for tonights game I am going with ‘Da Bears”. I know I’m a trator to California for not being a Niner fan but hey what can I say.

Moving on to the weekend I’m going to wager a good pussy licking that the Bengals will win, I so like those tiger stripe uniforms, makes me want to get animal with the whole front line. Right after I get a double time pussy licking from ol SweetP when he gets back, because they are playing his team. I dont think my boys the SeaCocks will pull off a W from Arizona, sorry boys. Moving to Monday NIght Football, of course I am going to be rooting for my “Dawgs” but I will be pleasantly pleased if they do pull it off.

Wrapping it up with my lips on Sweet-P’s cock pay off and send off for the big hunting trip, Keep those big bullets by your side, dont waste any cuz your gonna have to do some shooting with that big gun when you get back.

Reach down and rub those Sports Luving Balls for Creamy Carly boys! Have a wonderful wet weekend.

Ahh Cum on SweetP!

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Ok Ok I admit it I’ve been looking at those sweet tight asses but what is a girl supsed to do while you guys are watching the game? Ok so I know the SeaCocks can win Detroit so thats one in my bag of tricks. The Saints are gonna keep thier deep drive going against Carolina and I’m gonna have to pick , though I so dislike them, the Broncos cuz SweetP you need to get nocked down a peg or two so you can lick my pussy better. I’m not gonna say nuttin bout the Yankme’s so there. Do enjoy all the ball play this weekend guys, reach down and squeeze them for Carly. SweetP you know what you can do!


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Just goes to show ya … a few steroids here and a stack of money there .. walla YOU GOT A RING

Yahhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees



Go Ducks

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Didn’t I tell you all the USC Rubbers, I mean Trojans were going down!!! Worst lost in their coaches long stay there. That should move Oregon up the BCS standings. Wow, 600+ yards of offense. That will be hard to over look, even for the east coast sportwrites. Now, if the Philly’s can just score a few more runs and beat the highest paid team in baseball, the night will be complete. Tomorrow will be full of NFL action and as usual, Carly with a mouth full of man meat. Time to find some winners out of 32 teams baby. Maybe you should quit looking at their asses and start to assess their football skills. Can’t wait for the butt whipping in Lambeau tomorrow. Farve should have stayed a Cheesehead. Talk to you all later. Eat me Carly!!!  SMC baby.