Time for some good Ball playing

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A flick of the titt for my Bengals what a way to honor thier fallen player. I wish I had been able to watch that game instead of the lame ones they did end up showing.. blahhh. Oh and SweetP, did you see the score on the Brown’s game?? eh eh Talk about a WooHoo moment for Creamy Carly.

As for this week lets take a looky,, You know I’m picking the Bengals over K.C and my Browns can take the Raiders, though the weather may have an impact, no snow for my boys, just wet slippery moisture ,, kinda like my pussy. Seahawks will sad to say loose to the Packers and I am hoping for your sweet talented tongues sake honey SweetP that your Steelers can win agianst the Ravens. Mondays game is a no brainer, the Vikings are going to take it hands slamming down on my sweet ass.

Have a Wicked Nasty Happy New Year boys I’ts a Blue Moon nice and full on NYE so if you always wanted to do it before, do it now!, Reach down and play with those balls for sweet Carly.

Slammin some Hockey

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DETROIT RED WINGS took CONTROL of tampa bay lightning 3 to zip-nada-none-nil 

Talk about an ASS KICKIN … way to go Drew Miller for the winnig Goal  … and a big Squeeze to Jimmy Howard for his first N.H.L. shout out

Skate on you fine fine men!!

;) I know we could get a might naughty with the term RED WINGS .. you know my naughty mind always in the gutter XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

49ers Steal the Game

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I don’t know what was up with last years superbowl champs the Cardinals. I have always been a big 49er fan even when they really started being called the fourtywhiners. I thought mondays game was going to be this big great game, boy was I disappointed.

The Cardinals looked like the keystone cops out there on the field. The Cardinals start the game in the first 5 minutes having 3 offsides penalties. I am not saying the 49ers didn’t make mistakes because believe me if this had been the team of the 80’s the end score would have been much bigger.

The Cardinals have gone home angry so watch out Detroit because next week they are taking it out on you. 49ers win making it 6-7 making it possible for them to throw in for the playoffs. Though next weeks game will probably really determine if they make it this year.

End of Game 49ers 24 and Cardinals 9 with only 2 turnovers from the 49ers and 7 yes 7 turnovers from the Cardinals. So I hope to see the 49ers at least go to the playoffs. I also don’t want to be the Detroit Lions next week.

Time to eat some Carly

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Wow, what has happened to the proud and nasty boys of Steeltown?? First the Chiefs, then the Raiders and now, my goodness, the Browns???? I’m embarrassed and totally at Carly’s mercy. Her favorite and beloved Browns have whipped my ass. Can’t win a Superbowl every year, but damn, 5 losses in a row. Ok, Creamy, warm it up for me and I’ll be over to offer my services. I’m actually not that upset as I’ve been on the receiving end of your endless energy and amazing skills and now you get your turn. I’ll show you I’m not a poor loser as I plan to tear you up little girl.

I do hope your Chargers are good for their 8th straight as I would love to see the Cowgirls add another loss to their impressive December flop, year after year. Cowgirls go 1-4 in Dec, Wade Phillips is fired after the season which will be a early exit from the playoffs and Jerry Jones will most likely want to coach the team himself. What an ass.

Farve is another Dec. failure that better bring his A game against a very improved Bengal team. Farve’s pension for going downhill in Dec. is getting almost as well known as that of the Cowgirls. He has had one of his best years ever which is very impressive for his age. Don’t fall apart Brett.

Carly, you hottie, Congrats to your Browns, good luck to your Chargers and best of all, I’m cumming to see you winner.



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Army versus Navy Game

GO NAVY!! yes I’m bit partial to the Navy ;)

Be sure to watch the best take the field today




Ball Time

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Again, what would you men do without sports for an excuse for me to play with those balls? Not that you need one. Colts of course over the Titans, and all I can do is laugh for the Steeler/Raider game, not even gonna waste my fingers typing the W for the Steelers. I am however going to of course pick those damn SeaCawks over the Niners, you all know how I feel about those NinerBalls.

Honorable mention for my Beaver Boys,, pet the fuzzy.

As always boys, reach down and give those sweet balls a squeeze for Creamy Carly, give a call at half time and let me be your entertainment.



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It’s time to rise up! 

All you BEAVER fans !! (you know who you are!)

It’s time to cheer for your favorite BEAVER .. Stand up and be heard !!

The smell of roses and BEAVERS is the goal!!

It’s civil war time .. a run for the ROSE bowl

See you at the game December 3, 2009 5pm PST .. Eugene Oregon