Time for some good Ball playing

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A flick of the titt for my Bengals what a way to honor thier fallen player. I wish I had been able to watch that game instead of the lame ones they did end up showing.. blahhh. Oh and SweetP, did you see the score on the Brown’s game?? eh eh┬áTalk about a WooHoo moment for Creamy Carly.

As for this week lets take a looky,, You know I’m picking the Bengals over K.C and my Browns can take the Raiders, though the weather may have an impact, no snow for my boys, just wet slippery moisture ,, kinda like my pussy. Seahawks will sad to say loose to the Packers and I am hoping for your sweet talented tongues sake honey SweetP that your Steelers can win agianst the Ravens. Mondays game is a no brainer, the Vikings are going to take it hands slamming down on my sweet ass.

Have a Wicked Nasty Happy New Year boys I’ts a Blue Moon nice and full on NYE so if you always wanted to do it before, do it now!, Reach down and play with those balls for sweet Carly.

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